Nov 072012

In the center of Puerto del Rosario, right here, have placed some “bicycle parkings”. They are recognized vaguely by their appearance, not by ever see a bike parked there.

No deep analysis is required to realize that they are worse than useless: harmful. To design a bicycle parking must first understand the bike. Still, I went to try and document:

Bicycle parking at Fuerteventura

¡Que bonita queda en la foto! Pero es mentira, tiene trampa: la bicicleta está apoyada en su pata, justo por el otro lado detrás de los pedales. Si le quitara la pata, o si alguien la inclinara hacia la derecha (no hace falta que le hicieran fuerza), destrozaría la rueda. Aquí tenéis un detalle (pinchad la imagen para verla mas grande):

It looks so beautiful in the picture! But it’s a lie, I made a trick: the bike is resting on his kickstand, on the other side just behind the pedals. If the kickstand is removed, or the bike is inclined to the right (no need force it), the wheel would be destroyed. Here’s a detail (click on the image to see it larger):

bicycle parking, wheel and spokes - detail

Look at the strength that are resisting a few spokes, which are loaded to an edge of concrete and must bear the full weight of the bike!

Seriously: the “designer” who did this should google “lever arm” and learn a little. “Concrete chunk with a slot in the middle” is not enough to consider it a bicycle parking.

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Apr 252012

Puerto del Rosario redefines the concept of “tourist”:

This afternoon I went to draw to the promenade, where it widens and forms a square in front of the fountain, which comes to be the “0 km” of the capital, right where the Tourist Office. Unfortunately I have met with the truck of “drainage and treatment” (Saneamiento y Depuración) that was cleaning/unclogging/emptying or whatever they do there, and giving off a sickening smell of sewerage, disgusting. And the truck with the engine running permanently, making excessive noise (needed to run their machines, I guess). I tried to hold out for a while, but it was impossible. How can one draw, or perform any artistic task, with the noise of a truck near the ear and the fetid smell of a cesspool? How can you enjoy a walk? How tourists will want to walk here?

The urban planning of the city leaves much to be desired. And assuming that have the top of the sewer at that location is an unavoidable drawback (and not a bad decision or an economic response without long-term approach) they could find other ways and times to perform such maintenance, which I know is a recurring, not casual.

Mar 202012

pavement to nowhere


I do not know if the money from the European Union is very cheap, of course I know that there are many other gaps, to sell us the need for a sidewalk to nowhere. And it should be necessary some specific degree to understand that this pavement will help “reduce social and economic disparities between citizens of the Union”. Rather, it sometimes seems that the works were made as the company that is going to tender.

Indeed, 212,650 euros seems a bargain price for a work which takes several months and mobilizes many tons of rock and heavy machinery. Think about it, madam or sir, when you budgets the apartment that will pay for the rest of your life.

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