Feb 102013

Continuing with the carnivals took place today the festival of the achipencos. Similar to the arretrancos, although much more autochthonous, in this event the participants are thrown into the sea with handmade rafts decorated as carnival floats. The goal is to get from the Port to Playa Chica, something not everyone gets.
We have made several albums because there are many pictures!

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Feb 032013

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Launching the 2013 carnival, was celebrated yesterday in Puerto del Rosario the contest of “arretrancos” which herein refers to the race of unconventional carts, without motors, that are launched down the slopes of the town. This is not about race, but rather they are combined with the floats, and participants are thrown at relatively low speed and in turn, will compete in costume and originality. They were preceded by a local murga (band of carnival musicians).

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Jan 272013

aidasol y aidacara

A couple of days ago in Puerto del Rosario came across these two cruise ships Aida: the immense AIDAsol and the smaller AIDAcara.

The AIDAsol is a regular visitor to Fuerteventura, 252m long, 71,300 tonnage and capacity for 2174 passengers. The AIDAcara measures 193.3m in length, tonnage 38,532 and can accommodate 1,186 passengers.

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Nov 072012

In the center of Puerto del Rosario, right here, have placed some “bicycle parkings”. They are recognized vaguely by their appearance, not by ever see a bike parked there.

No deep analysis is required to realize that they are worse than useless: harmful. To design a bicycle parking must first understand the bike. Still, I went to try and document:

Bicycle parking at Fuerteventura

¡Que bonita queda en la foto! Pero es mentira, tiene trampa: la bicicleta está apoyada en su pata, justo por el otro lado detrás de los pedales. Si le quitara la pata, o si alguien la inclinara hacia la derecha (no hace falta que le hicieran fuerza), destrozaría la rueda. Aquí tenéis un detalle (pinchad la imagen para verla mas grande):

It looks so beautiful in the picture! But it’s a lie, I made a trick: the bike is resting on his kickstand, on the other side just behind the pedals. If the kickstand is removed, or the bike is inclined to the right (no need force it), the wheel would be destroyed. Here’s a detail (click on the image to see it larger):

bicycle parking, wheel and spokes - detail

Look at the strength that are resisting a few spokes, which are loaded to an edge of concrete and must bear the full weight of the bike!

Seriously: the “designer” who did this should google “lever arm” and learn a little. “Concrete chunk with a slot in the middle” is not enough to consider it a bicycle parking.

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Sep 232012

Back from a well deserved vacation in the Southern Hemisphere, today we went to cycle around town. It’s cloudy and anchored boats are quite shaken. There is something strange in the wind… It comes from the south! We watch the news: a tropical storm is approaching. Save all inside the house, close the blinds whoever has it, hold what should stay outside.

Within hours or days we’ll have to recount.

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May 202012

Puerto Lajas beach

This morning we were in Puerto Lajas, a village a few miles to the north of Puerto del Rosario. Despite its name there are no port infrastructure, it is a beautiful beach of pebbles, clean, familiar and uncrowded.

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